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One Zeally Bay Road has been conceived as an articulated 'beach box, drawing inspiration from historical models of coastal inhabitation and use. The aspiration for the building's architecture is to capture a strong sense & flavour of the local coastal character and ecology, and provide for a high-class contemporary amenity for occupants and the greater public.


The ground level provides for practicable and flexible storage and support spaces directly accessible from Coulson Lane. The accommodation is organised around a dedicated residential entry, set back from Zeally Bay Road. Ground office spaces front Zeally Bay Road providing an active frontage, whilst on the upper levels sophisticated residences have been provided with generous outdoor deck areas incorporating integrated planting boxes of native plants and grasses.


The building envelope comprises an outer layer expressed as a deep, faceted timber facade providing shading to the building, and privacy between the separated apartments. Across the building facade the outer skin acts as an organisational device, curating a range of window openings and outdoor areas that animate the building as one passes by. This dynamic skin belies the relatively simple, robust structure, providing a bold statement address for 1 Zeally Bay Road.







​Project Summary



Private Developer 



Torquay, Victoria


Original Value




Under Construction




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