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Located on Iconic St. Georges Road Northcote, 231 St. Georges Road is an impressive multi residential building that sits comfortably & elegantly within its neighbourhood context.


The inspiration for the project takes queues from the art deco era, where elegance and glamour was central to social interaction & a vibrant lifestyle. The contemporary residences provide modern amenities contributing to a relaxing quality of accommodation style and quality. Each apartment is crafted from high level finishes and fixtures all of which have been composed through rigorous attention to detail and innovation.


A seamless relationship exists between the interior of the dwellings and large external balconies which further enhance the liveability of the dwellings. The balconies have a distinctive soft amorphous art deco feel and are a key component of the façade. Floor to ceiling glass allows for an abundance of light to enter the apartments while the bold black mullions create a logical descriptive framing rhythm to the exterior of the building.



​Project Summary



Nack Developments



Northcote, Victoria


Original Value









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