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Kyriacou Architects completed the Reference Design for PTV, and subsequently were successful with the Coleman-Arup-Kyriacou Design & Construct RFT bid; the station was officially opened in November 2017.

Southland Station is located with no street address and is situated in a narrow site adjacent to the Southland Shopping Centre.


Designated an “unmanned” station, the Southland Station development required a design that was both robust and functional. Materials have been chosen to be fit for purpose and readily serviceable in the event of vandalism, a reality being an unmanned station. While the location provides good connectivity to the shopping centre it is critical to ensure that the station is marked in a way that clearly identifies it as a transport hub. The design provides an entrance canopy to be this marker, with some verticality to ensure the legibility of the station in its location.


The predominate design element of the station is the utilisation of a continuous screen element. Located at the back of the platforms and both sides of the ramps to the underpass of the station, the screen provides a continuous component that knits and provides visual interest to the station while being functional to alleviate issues of overlooking and ensuring an openness and transparency to the station where possible.




​Project Summary



Public Transport Victoria (PTV)



Melbourne, Victoria


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