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The Preston Workshops site redevelopment introduces tram stabling and operations, whilst continuing the heavy maintenance and servicing operations as part of the introduction of Melbourne’s new E-Class tram fleet.  The overall project is undertaken in 4 phases and extends across the entire site, including all major buildings, facilities and civil infrastructure. The new state of the art facilities provide a modern and efficient facility for mixed fleet depot operation and maintenance activities and stabling for up to 70 E-Class trams and C2-Class trams. This project maintains the heritage value and significance of the site and restores the buildings and characteristics of primary heritage assets. Provide an environmentally sustainable design which meets current Yarra Trams “greendepot” requirements and all safety and community expectations, and deliver efficiencies and overall value for money through the whole of life and value engineering approach to design and construction.


This project is a significant redevelopment of a Melbourne historic and iconic site which Kyriacou Architects and the design team are proud to be apart of.




​Project Summary



Yarra Trams



Preston, Victoria


Original Value








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