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The bid phase for the Western Program Alliance focussed on the initial works package, centred on Kororoit Creek Road in Williamstown North. This location is unique due to its proximity to state-significant refinery pipelines, and its encroachment on Kororoit Creek Reserve, which is a heritage and environmentally sensitive zone. The vision for the Kororoit Creek Road Level Crossing project is based on the LXRA Urban Design Framework, to provide separation of transport modes while integrating into and contributing positively to the existing surrounds. 

Key design issues for the works at Kororoit Creek included: 

  • The ability to cost effectively and efficiently construct over and adjacent to the aviation fuel line and the Mobil services bridge

  • The exploration of greenfield construction options that reduce train service disruptions

​Project Summary



BMD, Downer on behalf of Level Crossing Removal Authority


Williamstown North, Victoria





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